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MD, Andy Langton

SEO[Thing] provides UK-based Search Engine Optimisation services and consulting, with an emphasis on core values of quality, transparency and ethics. Our aim is to provide expert-level consultancy that delivers the results you need, while being open in our approach and in a way that complements your business goals – without risking your reputation.

SEO[Thing]'s founder is Andy Langton, an industry veteran with more than a decade’s experience of search engine optimisation, who has achieved enviable – and measurable - results for sites both large and small. Having worked in the industry for so many years, Andy realised that there was a clear need for a company providing no-nonsense SEO, with a friendly, transparent approach, but still delivering great results.

Andy has worked on websites both large and small, including national newspapers like The Telegraph and Daily Mail and large e-commerce sites like Cafepress and Confetti. He's also achieved results in highly competitive industries like gambling, with the likes of Paddy Power and Quicksilver and the financial sector, for high profile organisations like Investec and Moneycorp

The company provides a broad range of optimisation services, but with core offerings of superior technical SEOstrategic thinking, and enterprise-grade services.

You can see more of Andy's professional profile - and make a connection - at his LinkedIn profile. You can also get totally free advice on optimising your site at the WebmasterWorld Google forum, one of the most popular and respected forums for search optimisation, where Andy's expertise is acknowledged as a long-time moderator for both Google SEO and keyword research.

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