Here at SEO[Thing] we're always interested in technological innovation, so we're proud to be associated with the launch of an innovative new system designed to help restaurants (and others in the hospitality industry) improve customer service via the use of mobile.

Get Waiter combines a mobile app which you, as a customer, can use in a restaurant or bar with a web-based system for merchants. The way it works is:


  • You download the app onto your smartphone or tablet
  • The merchant runs a web app on a laptop, PC or tablet within their establishment
  • The app provides buttons that let you call the waiter, get the bill and various other helpful bits and pieces
  • The restaurant can also monitor responses in order to streamline their customer service

Sound like a good idea? We think it's a win-win for both the merchant and the customer.And what's even better? It's totally free for everyone concerned (the merchants can subscribe to get in depth reporting and other enhancements).

We strongly recommend you check out the intro video and give the app a run yourself. Or, if you want more information, head over to