Fed up with adding "&pws=0" to your address bar to bypass Google's search personalisations? Sick of your friend's mugshots showing up in Google search results? Then be fed up no more with this handy bookmarklet!

What Google Personal Search does

Based on your search history, Google Plus connections, activity and more, Google re-orders your search results, to place sites you have an association with higher in the rankings. Here's a quick example:

Search results with Google Personal On

This is particularly problematic for those in the SEO industry, since they often want to know the "real" ranking of a site - where the majority of users will see a site - rather than one customised based on their activity. We click on client sites, for instance, and don't want to see them ranked higher than everybody else unless we've genuinely got them there.

Turn Personal Search on and off

For most searches, Google does not provide a convenient way of turning personal results off, and may SEOs have learnt to manually add a parameter (&pws=0) to their address bar to achieve this. But this is cumbersome, and particularly fiddly when Google Instant is turned on, and the address bar URL is full of AJAX junk. So here's a handy bookmarklet to instantly switch between personalised and non-personalised results:

Toggle Google Personal Search

You're then treated to mugshot-free "pure" Google results, like so:

Hand in hand with our Google Verbatim Bookmarklet Google will once again do as it's told ;)