Google has an advanced search option called "verbatim" that allows you to bypass many of its prediction/expansion features. So, if you want Google to search exactly for the words you enter (i.e. you're a pro searcher!) you can enable the option and get, frankly, better results.

Particularly for lengthier searches, Google's default results can be some distance from what you actually wanted to find. And the verbatim button is about as buried as a Google option could ever be! Here's a quick example:

SEarch for "google images search by size" without verbatim

And with verbatim enabled:

Search for "google images search by size" with the verbatim option

But never fear, now you can toggle verbatim on and off instantly with a single click via this handy bookmarklet:

Toggle Verbatim

Get this to work by:

  • Left clicking on the link above (don't let go yet!)
  • Drag and drop the icon to your browser's bookmarks area (usually just above the top of the page
  • On a smartphone long press the link and add it to your browser bookmarks
  • Go to Google, search for something, then click the button

If that makes no sense to you, here's a handy guide to installing a bookmarklet (with screenshots for each browser)


  • Detects Google, so you don't try to "verbatim" other sites
  • Works out if you already have the option enabled, and toggles as appropriate
  • Has The Thing seal of approval ;)