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So, you want to be a technical SEO, huh?

Tech SEO's brain

This is the brain of a technical SEO

Best-practice technical SEO is a surprisingly broad discipline, encompassing aspects of web development, server administration and programming and much more. But, done right, it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of search engine optimisation - and is often one of the most overlooked.

Google Maps Rich Snippets Go Crazy

All round splendid chap Ian Williams spotted a strange problem with Google Maps, and reported it via Twitter. We decided to investigate! For some reason, Google is listing UK footballer, Joe Cole, as being located in a small town in Pennsylvania:

Joe Cole is now a place in America

A picture paints a thousand clicks: 135% increase in Google visits by changing a thumbnail

Here at Thing Towers, we've been running an "accidental" experiment on the impact of Google+ profile pictures in search results. The results are pretty spectacular! That teeny 44x44 thumbnail appears to be capable of having a dramatic impact on Google traffic.

What we're talking about is the author snippet you can see in search results, when you're on Google+ and follow the steps published by Google. Here's a lovely chap who'll help you chop up your fruit:



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