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Toggle Google Personal Search with one click (bookmarklet)

Fed up with adding "&pws=0" to your address bar to bypass Google's search personalisations? Sick of your friend's mugshots showing up in Google search results? Then be fed up no more with this handy bookmarklet!

What Google Personal Search does

Based on your search history, Google Plus connections, activity and more, Google re-orders your search results, to place sites you have an association with higher in the rankings. Here's a quick example:

Google Penguin Ranking Myths: Your Data is Bad

At Thing Towers, we’re all in favour of ranking analysis, particularly when it comes to Google updates and understanding how sites are affected. But Penguin seems to have triggered a lot of speculation about changes that are not based on data at all. Understandably, a lot of people have started analysing rankings, but without using any historical data. Make sure you don’t jump to the wrong conclusions, and if you've cited one of the examples below in connection with Google’s recent updates, it’s time to re-evaluate your data sources.

UK Search Analytics Shootout: Who has the most data?

These days there are a number of providers of search analytics data - that is, historic and ongoing data about keyword rankings and site performance across both paid and organic search. The data is extremely useful when evaluating both your own sites, and looking at competitors.Most of these tools provide an amount of free data, with a subscription plan to "unlock" more complete data.

Google Semantic Search. Who Cares?

The SEO world is currently all abuzz with the idea that Google is going to implement "Semantic Search", which will kill/change/revolutionise search optimisation. But is this really going to change what optimisers do?

Toggle Google Verbatim with one click (bookmarklet)

Google has an advanced search option called "verbatim" that allows you to bypass many of its prediction/expansion features. So, if you want Google to search exactly for the words you enter (i.e. you're a pro searcher!) you can enable the option and get, frankly, better results.

Particularly for lengthier searches, Google's default results can be some distance from what you actually wanted to find. And the verbatim button is about as buried as a Google option could ever be! Here's a quick example:

So, you want to be a technical SEO, huh?

Tech SEO's brain

This is the brain of a technical SEO

Best-practice technical SEO is a surprisingly broad discipline, encompassing aspects of web development, server administration and programming and much more. But, done right, it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of search engine optimisation - and is often one of the most overlooked.

Google Maps Rich Snippets Go Crazy

All round splendid chap Ian Williams spotted a strange problem with Google Maps, and reported it via Twitter. We decided to investigate! For some reason, Google is listing UK footballer, Joe Cole, as being located in a small town in Pennsylvania:

Joe Cole is now a place in America



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