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Case Study: Site Launch SEO

Launching a new site can be a nail-biting experience and there's plenty that can go wrong - particularly when it comes to SEO. However, building in best practices for search optimisation from the outset results in a site that will grow from day one.

Streme is a leading manufacturer and supplier of window and door screens for homes and businesses. Customers range from individuals buying products for their homes to large companies such as Coca Cola and Nestle seeking to comply with food safety guidelines.

Streme came to SEO[Thing] for help with building an ecommerce-enabled site that would capitalise on organic search as a key route to market, with one critical requirement - in a highly seasonal industry, the site had less than six months to secure rankings for the most important keywords.

What the client says

Andy first helped us when Google had penalised our web site because of activities carried out by a previous SEO consultant. He dealt with the immediate effects of the penalty and helped us plot a successful route back to secure valuable and reliable rankings. Andy offers excellent advice and has given us a great deal of support over the last four years. I regard Andy as a highly ethical consultant and trust his judgment on all SEO issues as well as many other technical areas of web development. Andy recently researched and produced an excellent report about our site usability, we are now implementing his recommendations. The work Andy has done for us has had a direct impact on sales growth and I would highly recommend him.

Andy Ross - ‎Managing Director, Streme - December 2015

We're delighted to have had the opportunity to achieve the results that Streme were looking for. To find out how we did it, see the full case study below.



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