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One page summary


What to do: Include an SEO title of approximately 7 or 8 words that makes sense out of context and contains keywords potential visitors might search for.


What to do: Include a Meta Description of approximately 20-25 words that encourages users to click by using a call to action.


What to do: Make sure you link to relevant services or pages; use descriptive text in links that tells users what they will find at the page linked to.


What to do: add alternate text to any images that directly convey meaning, so that search engines can understand them.

Page structure

What to do: use the structural elements such as headings provided by your content-editing system. Avoid using font size and design options.

Use of keywords

What to do: Try to keep a consistent theme for each page, using related keywords rather than repeating them. Include these words in important areas of a page

Off-page SEO

What to do: Make sure you encourage the widest audience for your content. Post to your social networks, consider submitting to relevant sites and contact those mentioned in your content to let them know you write about them.


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